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What type of abuse can happen in nursing homes?

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2023 | Nursing Home Neglect And Abuse

Putting your loved one in a nursing home is not an easy decision and often requires the input of several family members. Facilitating the financial portion of elder care also takes time and strategizing.

Considering the time and resources you put into finding a reliable facility, you would think abuse is the last thing that will happen. Educating yourself about the dangers of elder abuse can help you protect your loved one.

Physical abuse and injury

Physical abuse can dangerously impact your aging loved one, especially considering the fragility of life in later years. Such abuse could include hitting, kicking and shoving. If your loved one sustains an injury and nursing home staff ignore the wound and allow it to worsen, this could also qualify as physical abuse.

Psychological mistreatment

Mental and emotional mistreatment can diminish your loved one’s self-esteem and lead to depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. According to the National Institute on Aging, emotional abuse includes the following:

  • Threatening
  • Yelling
  • Ignoring
  • Hurtful words

Repeat beratement can cause your loved one to feel embarrassed, ashamed, confused and unwanted.

Isolation from society

Another form of abuse is isolation. When looking for a nursing home facility, find one that offers a variety of opportunities for your loved one to engage in social activities. Be wary of facilities that lack a sense of community and appear to isolate their residents away from each other.

If you have any concerns about your family member’s treatment in a nursing home facility, report your feelings to the staff right away. Continued concerns of mistreatment should be promptly reported to local authorities.