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Nursing home violations in Illinois

On Behalf of | May 8, 2023 | Nursing Home Neglect And Abuse

Basic nursing home standards are high, but not to the point where it would make businesses suffer. The rules, for the most part, enforce the levels of care that you would expect from any ethical healthcare provider.

Even so, senior care facilities across Illinois violate the rules regularly. This article will look at some state-specific details.

Nursing home violations

The Illinois Department of Public Health issues a quarterly report on nursing home regulation violators. There, one may find the identity of the violator and several legal details.

Due to the technical nature of this resource, it is typically most useful to professionals. However, a significant pattern of violations might also help inform decisions about potential options when searching for a nursing home.

A key law: minimum services

One of the most common violations comes from the section of the administrative code that establishes the general requirements for personal and nursing care. Specifically, there is a section that requires facilities to provide care and services to maintain the highest practicable level of various aspects of resident health. For example, restorative measures should involve:

  • Trained nurses
  • Preventing loss of range of motion
  • Promoting urinary health
  • Avoiding declines in daily abilities
  • Helping with ambulation and safe transfer

Nursing homes should be places people go to improve their quality of life. That means getting the care they need to prevent declines in health.

There are many nursing homes across Illinois. While violations occur regularly, some stand out as being particularly dangerous or leading to serious injuries. In those cases, the family might want to see more justice than an administrative violation against the facility.