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Tips for safely sharing the road with motorcyclists

On Behalf of | May 23, 2023 | Car Accident

Did you know that accidents involving motorcycles have higher death rates than those that do not? In fact, riders are much more likely (29 times that of drivers) to die in accidents.

Therefore, these are a few tips for safely sharing the road with motorcyclists and preventing motorcycle accidents.

Get rid of distractions

Distracted driving is dangerous. It takes your eyes or mind off the road. However, it is even more dangerous when you share the road with motorcycles because they are much smaller than vehicles and can slip up behind or beside you quickly. You may not even realize they are there if you become distracted. However, turning down your radio so you can hear their motors is the first step to becoming aware of their presence.

Keep your distance

Motorcycles are easily maneuverable. They can react quickly and unexpectedly, and sometimes they need to do so to avoid collisions or road debris. However, if you drive too close to them, they can delay their reactions for fear of your vehicle hitting them. Therefore, stay back. Give them plenty of room to navigate the roadways.

Watch your blind spots

Riders can tend to blend into the environment because their vehicles are small. Therefore, act with caution when you stop, pass or change lanes. Always check your blind spots for hidden motorcycles.

Also, avoid rapid speed increases when motorcyclists are in the area because the increase in heavy wind could disrupt their balance and position on the road. Also, always use your turn signals, but turn them on early to warn riders of your actions. Look for turning motorcyclists as well because their signals may not turn off automatically.

Remain vigilant during the day and night for motorcycles. Learn how to share the road safely with riders.