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Support After A Bicycle Or Pedestrian Accident

Walking and biking are popular activities throughout the Chicago area, both recreationally and for transportation. However, these activities both come at a risk of accident and injury. All too often, drivers are negligent and don’t pay enough attention to bicyclists and pedestrians.

But when accidents occur, the team at Cassian & Carter LLC is here to help. If you get hurt in an accident while walking or biking, we can get you the compensation you need to recover. We have years of experience and a successful track record of getting positive results for our clients in accidents.

Helping You Get Back On Your Feet

Pedestrian and bicycle accidents with cars or other motor vehicles can cause serious injury. And serious injuries come with serious medical bills. From immediate medical care to long-term rehabilitation costs or lost wages, these injuries can be expensive. So it’s incredibly important to seek out a professional’s help getting compensated.

A personal injury attorney from our firm can help you make sure you are fully compensated. With decades of experience, our attorneys are well-versed in personal injury law. We know how to stand up to insurance companies in order to ensure our clients don’t get short-changed or low-balled. Our top priority is your compensation, whether we can negotiate a positive settlement, or need to take your case to court.

How Can You Protect Yourself?

With the high volume of car and motor vehicle traffic, pedestrians and bicyclists throughout the Chicagoland area, accidents are nearly inevitable. Distracted driving and driver inattentiveness lead to a large number of pedestrian and bicycle accidents. People walking and biking are less visible on the road than other vehicles, and if a driver is not vigilant, they can cause serious damage.

While it’s up to both drivers and pedestrians/bicyclists to be aware of their surroundings, pedestrians and cyclists may need to be more cautious. Intersections in particular are a common location for accidents between cars, pedestrians and cyclists.

If you do get into an accident while walking or biking there are a few things to remember:

  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible: Injuries caused by motor vehicles can be severe. It’s important to get checked out by a professional, even if no injuries are immediately apparent.
  • Gather evidence: Call the police and be sure to get a copy of the accident report. You should also take photos and interview witnesses if possible. All evidence can be useful in your claim and in court if necessary.
  • Keep all information: Hold on to all relevant information until the absolute conclusion of your claim. This includes medical bills, insurance company letters, photos, witnesses and other accident-related expenses.

Most importantly, contact an attorney as soon as you can. A personal injury attorney can help you with your claim and make sure you get what you need to recover.

You can set up a consultation with an experienced pedestrian and bicycle accident attorney from our firm today. Call 815-714-7118 or use our online contact form to get in touch.