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Hidden car accident injuries worth watching out for

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2021 | Car Accident

People sometimes escape car accidents without obvious harm. Even if you do not have a clear injury, one might still affect you. The true impact may become evident at some point in the future.

According to SaferAmerica, car accidents cost the United States approximately $242 billion yearly. Those responsible need to pay, even for damage that is not immediately evident.

Types of hidden injuries

Be aware of signs that the following health problems exist after you experience a crash.

Whiplash from being in a wreck might result in neck and back strain that develops over time. The tissue between your spinal vertebrae can rupture. Known as a herniated disc, symptoms include a loss of feeling and weakened muscle control.

A traumatic brain injury is rarely obvious on site. Over time, you may become forgetful or experience a personality change. Seek a neurological review as soon as there is suspicion that you have a TBI.

Subtle kneecap traumas have a way of inflaming over time. Only then does it become clear that long-term treatment or surgery is necessary.

Costs of hidden injuries

The price of treating one of these outcomes is usually exorbitant. There is, of course, the concrete financial dimension. Another aspect is pain and suffering, which can be difficult to assign a value. This includes any emotional distress or loss of pleasure. Guilty parties should pay for all types of pain that they cause.

Injury caused by a vehicle crash is not always immediately evident. Stay aware that recent physical discomfort may be the result of a past incident.