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What are some conditions that lead to store slip and falls?

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2021 | Slip And Fall

Walking through a grocery aisle at your local store, you may not notice all the possible ways to trip and injure yourself at first.

From broken jars to unmopped spills, many stores contain dangerous conditions for people who shop.

Poor lighting

According to the National Floor Safety Institute, shoppers often trip and fall in dark, poorly lit areas. Some places may not have working lightbulbs or some may just have unfinished construction in the middle of a building.

However, these conditions can lead to severe head injuries and even spinal trauma. Unlit stairs or hallways that are not properly taken care of by the store employees can lead to lasting health problems if you fall.

Wet floors

A puddle of water from a leak inside the building can cause devastating injuries for unsuspecting people. Food jars full of liquid can fall from high shelves and crash onto the floor, leaving sticky or clear residue behind below.

Even recently mopped floors pose a serious hazard due to the water used during cleaning. Any slick surface should always have a sign or warning near it to alert people walking by. Many stores may neglect to place any signs out, which also leads to slip and falls.

Loose rugs and boards

Unrepaired floorboards that are sticking up from the ground can snag on someone’s shoe and cause an accident. Each store has a duty to its customers to fix or try to eliminate any sources of hazards.

Safety features like hand railings for staircases can also help prevent any issues. However, uneven or ripped rugs and mats on stairs are a tripping hazard in many circumstances. Knowing what conditions lead to falls can help you determine what to do next if you get hurt.