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Wrong-way crashes are increasing across the country

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2023 | Car Accident

The number of wrong-way vehicle crashes is increasing across the United States without any indication of stabilizing or going down. These car crashes are the most dangerous type of accidents because, most of the time, they are head-on collisions.

The number one cause of these accidents, according to the American Automobile Association, is alcohol impairment. Unsurprisingly, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can severely impair your ability to drive safely, placing your and others’ lives at risk.

Even though most states have laws that are very tough on drivers who get behind the wheel while under the influence, it does not stop them from doing so.

Age-related accidents

While this is a sensitive matter for many older drivers, the fact is that people over a certain age are at a much higher risk of being involved in a wrong-way car crash. Driving requires quick physical responses and alertness that older adults lose over time.

Older drivers must regularly check in with their physicians to ensure they can drive safely. If you are taking prescription medications, it could add additional risk. Discussing this with your doctor is important. You may be alright to drive, but preventing is always better.

Driving at night

Another critical risk factor to consider is driving at night. Driving in the dark is challenging for anyone at any age. The risk of falling asleep is much higher than driving during the day, and visibility is low.

If you must drive at night, try asking a friend to join you, play some music, engage in conversation and make sure you pay attention to your surroundings while at the same time paying attention to the road and any oncoming vehicles.

While wrong-way car crashes are on the rise, we can all help in preventing additional ones in the future, for our safety and the safety of others.