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How do hospitals prevent falls?

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2023 | Slip And Fall

Falls are one of the biggest risks to the health of the elderly. Unfortunately, injured and weakened or sickly individuals also fall prey to it, too.

Hospitals are one location where all of these people appear in large numbers, which makes the risk of falling or slipping – especially in the bathroom – quite high.

High risk of falls in hospitals

Cleveland Clinic discusses ways to prevent falls in hospitals. Unfortunately, hospitals have a high number of people susceptible to falls. They also often cause people to become more susceptible to falls, such as through medications that may cause dizziness or confusion.

It is important for nurses and patients to work together to reduce the fall risks present in the hospital.

What can patients do?

For patients, it is important to follow the rules of the hospital staff. This means sticking with mobility plans, using assistive devices when having access to them, turning the lights on when moving around a room, getting out of bed slowly, and keeping things within reach of the bed.

What can staff do?

On the nursing side, it is important for nurses to keep track of patients who are a bigger fall risk. Ensure that they stick with their mobility plan. Always walk with patients to areas of high risk, such as the bathroom. Do not leave fall-risk patients unattended.

Accidents unfortunately still do happen. It is impossible to completely eliminate the chance of a patient falling in the hospital. However, taking certain measures and steps can greatly reduce the risk of something occurring.