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Documentation of an SCI

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2023 | Personal Injury

An accident, whether on the road or due to a slip, is a chaotic moment for anyone. When an accident results in a spinal cord injury, things may feel even more disorganized.

Securing compensation for damages requires careful documentation and clear communication. It is important to alleviate miscommunication through proper assessment of a person’s SCI and how it affects their life in general.

Key details of an SCI

SCI recovery begins with the basics: an SCI’s date, its cause and its progression. An incomplete break along the spinal cord may have a chance for recovery. A complete SCI frequently involves rehabilitation to adjust to a new normal instead.

Other important aspects include a patient’s surgical history, risk factors and previous conditions. Failure to identify how an SCI victim’s past relates to their present recovery may lead to medical malpractice.

Objective and subjective goals and standards

Much of an SCI’s costs come down to what patients can no longer achieve, such as productivity in their careers due to physical disability. Subjective aspects of SCI fallout and recovery include social networks or relationships.

How these change during recovery and rehabilitation affects a person’s outlook and costs. Failure to identify these intangible factors may lead to insurance companies miscalculating payouts.

Paths through the complications

A lot goes into the aftermath of an SCI accident and there are several chances for miscommunication which may make things more difficult. With the right resources and information, there is support to help SCI victims navigate the complicated and expensive realities of an SCI.