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How can you summon aid after a fall?

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2022 | Slip And Fall

Slipping and falling is no laughing matter. A person of any age can suffer a painful and serious injury, but a fall can be particularly dangerous for seniors or people with disabilities. If you experience a fall, you should know the different ways to alert someone that you are in distress.

It will probably not be a problem to call for help if you are young, have no disability or did not suffer a major head injury. If your situation does not let you shout for aid, Sfgate describes other ways to signal your predicament.

Use your phone

The wide availability of smartphones means you will probably have one at the time of your fall. If you are still conscious, you should be able to use your phone to call or text for emergency aid and then contact a family member, a friend or any trusted individual to come assist you.

Use a medical alert device

If you are older or have a disability, having a medical alert device may save your life. Some people wear these devices around their wrists or necks and have them in their homes. After a fall, the device will alert paramedics to your situation. You do not even need to worry about manipulating the device since it can detect your plight through sensors.

Create a visual or audible signal

In the event you do not have a phone or alert system, you may have to create a signal that will catch the eye of someone close by. Common distress signals include waving a flashlight or holding up a flag or a sheet. If you have none of those items, you may wave an article of clothing. Making a loud noise such as banging metal or a hard object against the floor could also draw attention to you.

The immediate steps you take after a fall could preserve your life. Once you have received the proper aid, you can figure out if a negligent party was responsible for your injuries.