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Is justice possible after a hit and run?

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2022 | Car Accident

A hit-and-run incident can be difficult to deal with. In many cases, you have no idea who the culprit was. Luckily, technology has made it harder for hit-and-run drivers to hide, so you may be able to get justice.

The Illinois General Assembly outlines what you need to do after a hit and run. It also explains the penalties for a driver who commits this type of criminal violation.

Mandatory reporting

Hit-and-run drivers must stop and leave their information or make a police report, but most will not. In these situations, you should contact the police. You will need a report to make a claim with your insurance. In addition, it alerts law enforcement to your situation so they can begin an investigation.

Investigation techniques

Officers will begin looking into your accident. They may contact potential witnesses or gather video from nearby cameras. It can be much easier to identify these drivers than in years past since so many people have cameras outside their homes, and most businesses have them as well. Unless your accident occurred in a very rural area, the chances are good officers will find a video of it happening, which can lead them to the guilty party.

Another benefit of technology is social media. Sometimes, the hit-and-run driver will post things online that lead to officers being able to identify the person. They may ask around for car repairs or even post pictures of the damage to their vehicle. Some people may even give details about the accident.

It is easier than ever to get justice for hit-and-run accidents. So, if one happens to you, do not lose hope.