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What are ways to make spring driving safer?

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2022 | Car Accident

With the arrival of spring, you probably feel that the warmer climate will make it safer to drive on Illinois roads. However, the spring season can present its own share of driving risks. While there is no guarantee that you can avoid an accident, there are some safety tips that may reduce the risk of a collision.

The AARP describes some aspects of spring that present driving risks and how you or any driver may be able to minimize the possibility of an accident.

Watch for more pedestrians

Warmer weather means that more drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists may be out on the road. In addition, the switch to daylight savings time means a longer afternoon with daylight, which will motivate more people to venture out to enjoy the sunshine. Take greater caution as you drive and expect that there will be more people around in general.

Be careful if you take medicine

Some people suffer allergies in the spring because of the increase in pollen. To treat their symptoms, they take medicines from their local pharmacies like antihistamines. However, this kind of medication can make you drowsy, which can be dangerous if you are driving.

In general, you should check any medication you take for possible side effects. If you suffer from back pain, take care that the medicine you take does not reduce your reaction time, such as opioid pain medication. Some drugs that treat diarrhea may make you feel drowsy.

Prepare for rainy and post-rain conditions

The coming of spring can also bring more rain and wind, so if you have concerns about driving in bad weather, consider checking the weather conditions before driving. After a hard rain, be aware of large puddles. Your vehicle might catch in the water, plus the water might hide a large pothole that could damage your automobile. Additionally, driving through standing water increases your risks of hydroplaning or brake failure.

Practicing safe driving may help you avoid an accident. Still, even if another driver collides with you, your responsible driving may ward off accusations that your actions caused a collision.