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What can I do to drive safer in the winter?

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2022 | Car Accident

Safe winter driving can be complicated. You may not always be able to prevent an accident no matter how safe you are trying to be. It is essential that you understand some basics to keep yourself and others as safe as possible.

To begin with, the Illinois Department of Transportation suggests not driving on roads during winter storms unless you must. You also should prepare for getting stuck in traffic or other situations by stocking your vehicle with a safety kit. Beyond that, you want to make some smart winter driving decisions.

Slow down

The number one rule of adverse road conditions is to slow down. Your vehicle loses traction the faster you go, so slower speeds allow for more traction. In addition, you can better control your vehicle when you are moving more slowly. It gives you more time to react to issues and avoid problems, such as a patch of ice.

Besides driving at a slower speed, slowing down also means doing everything else slower. You want to be slower at braking and turning to avoid slipping.

Pay attention

When the roads and weather are bad, you need to give your complete attention to the road. Do not take your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road. Do not allow your mind to wander. Never talk on the phone, eat or mess with the radio. These things can all be distractions.

Give some distance

Make sure you allow for more distance between you and others on the road. It is especially important that you make sure you do not get too close to plows. They are helping to clear the roads and getting too close can lead to an accident.

It is possible to avoid winter accidents, but you need to drive smarter to keep yourself safe.