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What are examples of brain injury symptoms?

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2021 | Car Accident

In an auto accident, the sudden impact of your vehicle could cause your head to hit a solid surface. This may result in a traumatic brain injury. A TBI is something you should seek medical help for as soon as you can. The problem is that sometimes a blow to the head does not always result in immediate symptoms.

If you walk away from a car crash with minimal pain, it does not mean you cannot develop symptoms later. Also, TBI symptoms can vary. You might not link a moment of pain with your recent accident. It is important to know about different kinds of brain injury symptoms so you know if your body is warning you about a dangerous health problem.

Physical problems

You might expect to feel a headache after a brain injury. As Medline points out, other physical problems may emerge. You could experience nausea or feel dizzy. You might have issues walking and sustaining your balance. Some symptoms may come off as strange. Suddenly, you feel more sensitive to sound or light. These can also be signs you have suffered a TBI.

Cognitive problems

Brain injuries do not always manifest with physical symptoms. They can cause you to have problems with certain cognitive functions like concentration. It becomes hard to remember new information. You do not react as quickly as you used to. You may also feel confused at times and cannot think clearly.

Emotional issues

A TBI can also cause emotional changes. You might not understand why you suddenly feel sad, anxious or irritable all of a sudden. In general, you may feel more emotional than you used to be. All of these could result from the brain injury itself but you may also have PTSD from your recent auto accident.

Other symptoms

Sometimes a symptom seems so disconnected from a brain injury that you may not recognize the connection. TBI victims can suffer from lack of sleep, a change in sleep patterns, a bad taste in the mouth, or ringing in the ears. If you have had a recent auto accident, having a doctor check you out may help you understand what is happening to you and how to proceed with whatever treatment you need.