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Common signs of a birth injury

On Behalf of | May 25, 2021 | Medical Malpractice

The birth of a child may go from joyous to frightening. In some situations and without warning, the baby may require emergency medical intervention due to a birth injury.

When a baby needs help during birth or is under duress, intervention in the process is critical. However, if a misstep occurs during labor or delivery, it may have serious repercussions for the child moving forward. Find out about some signs that a baby may have sustained an injury at birth.

Bruising or swelling

A newborn’s body is resiliant and meant to withstand the pressure and trauma of labor and delivery. However, there are physical indications that may immediately indicate something went wrong. Any signs of bruising and swelling, especially about the face, neck and head, may indicate further injury below the surface. Fractures, shoulder dislocation and head injury may occur if a baby becomes stuck and needs forcible through the birth canal.

Seizures or tremors

Sometimes, an injury does not leave a mark. A baby with a brain injury may exhibit other symptoms. Seizures or tremors within the first 48 hours after birth may indicate something is wrong in the brain. A brain injury may happen when the baby loses access to oxygen. This deprivation may occur if labor continues too long or if the cord cuts off the airway. Once a provider sees that a baby is in distress, emergency action must occur to ensure oxygen deprivation does not occur.

Some birth injuries resolve after a few hours or days. Fractures may take a little longer. Brain injuries may leave a lasting impact on the development of a child. If there are any signs of a birth injury, the proper steps must proceed sooner rather than later.